What we Do

What We Do

Experience the synergy of expertise, innovation, and dedication to excellence. With Optisat Consultants, you're not just getting consultancy services; you're gaining a strategic ally committed to helping your business thrive in the ever-evolving marketplace. Welcome to a transformative journey with Optisat Consultants!

Optisat Consultants - Optisat (E.A) Limited

Optisat (E.A) Limited (Optisat Consultants) is a management consulting firm providing diversified training solutions geared to adding value and creating significant memorable impact in experiential learning and training programs in Management Consultancy. The widespread popularity of experiential learning programmes continue continues to place our company’s lifetime commitment to practical innovation that drives productivity, profitability as well as leaving a mark in our clients as a lifetime experience.

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Optisat (E.A) Limited
Swaminarayan Road,
Opp. Sapphire Hotel
P.O Box 43071-80100
Tel: 0704-449131/0722-591364